Looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle? Here’s a helpful wedding hairstyles guide for the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids and wedding guests.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles for short wedding hair are actually relatively simple, with the less styling products, the better. In other words, less is often more for those with short hair. If your hair length allows for an updo, it should be loose and natural looking. Short hair bridesmaid styles can also imitate longer hairstyles with bangs and front tresses styled backwards, with the back of your head covered by a veil or a compact floral arrangement. Short bob haircuts offer another opportunity to make gorgeous wedding updos, even for exceptionally short length hair. For accessories, consider cute tiaras, wedding headbands, combs, bobby pins or hair clips that match the color of your dress or offer a contrasting detail. Image 1: Phot credit to Jillian Batson (https://www.jillianbatson.com/ IG: @batsonjillian) Image 2: Photo credit to Antiquity Photography

Medium Length Wedding Hairstyles

For those with medium length hair, updo hairstyles offer an ideal option, whether for a casual or more formal look. A bun is the easiest updo that you can do yourself. Backcombing helps to add body and enlarge the bun’s size. Knots are another great way to go for medium length hair – and intentionally loose and messy styles are currently on trend. For a DIY approach, tease your hair at the roots in order to provide some lift around your face and make a low or high knot. Once it’s fixed, you may even want to pull at strands to make loops. For something a little more daring, consider a multi-component hairstyle that combines twists and curls, braid and bun, or braid and knot.

Long Hair Bridesmaid Styles

For the bridesmaid with long hair, the possibilities are endless: from a classic chignon or boho fishtail braid -- to romantic, loose curls that blow in the breeze. Side-swept hairstyles offer a brilliant choice with strapless gowns and for those who want to add a dash of innocence to their look. Half up, half down hairstyles are stylish, practical and sophisticated. Vintage hairstyles are also beloved among bridesmaids with long hair. They offer a unique sophistication while enhancing one’s femininity. If you’re thinking of wearing your hair down, this may be the look for you.

Curly Wedding Hair

If you’re blessed with gorgeous and naturally curly hair, there’s every reason to embrace it on full display on the big day. Effortlessly romantic, natural curls offer a relaxed glamour style like no other. With all of its texture, dimension and personality, a magnificent head of curls and waves essentially needs no styling. It carries its own style, so take pride and take advantage. Curly hair offers an endless array of wedding hairstyles. From mermaid hair with an ocean-hued flower crown -- to an elegant chignon, soft braids, romantic curls, bohemian waves, and more – your beautifully natural tresses will be envied by all.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles

As a wedding guest, it’s a common dilemma deciding what to do with your hair. Whether it’s a winter celebration or summer extravaganza, the weather alone can make one fret. But don’t panic or overthink it. With a bit of calm and a simple strategy, you’ll be ready to enjoy the big day with complete confidence no matter where or when it is. The best way to start is by considering the wedding’s locale and climate. If you know you’ll be somewhere warm and humid, plan accordingly by letting your hair embrace its natural beauty, whether short, straight, curly, medium-length or long. Of course, the theme and venue will also influence both your dress and hairstyle. Whether it’s a chic daytime soiree or black tie affair, simply choose what works best for you. Get some inspo by reading guides like this one and sharing details with your stylist and/or closest friends. Again, the key is to choose a hairstyle that reflects your personal style and persona – and the rest will take care of itself.

Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

For the mother of the bride looking for the most flattering hairstyle for the big day, there are fortunately lots of stunning mother of the bride hairstyles to choose from, including updos, half-up looks, and a wide array of styles for short hair, long hair, and medium-length locks. In order to find the ultimate hairstyle for mom, it’s always best to first look at her dress. For example, a mother of the bride wearing a unique neckline might prefer a complementary updo or half-up look. As with everyone else attending the wedding, including the bridesmaids and guests, it’s also essential to consider the theme, venue and time of day and year to create the best hairstyle. Anyway you go about it, one thing is for sure: no matter what hairstyle the mother of the bride chooses, both her inner and outer beauty will be shining through on the big day. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about for everyone?

Wedding Hair Accessories

Veils are the most traditional wedding hair accessory, but there are many other great options for wedding hair pieces. Fresh flowers -- from oversized flower crowns to delicate baby’s breath -- are ideal for boho-chic and romantic wedding styles. Headbands, combs and hair pins are also popular today. Before you select your accessories, obviously be sure to consider your chosen wedding hairstyle. For example, big updos can accommodate heavier pieces, while simpler accessories are better suited for shorter, more minimalist hairstyles. The wedding theme should also influence your accessories. Whether it’s boho-chic, beachy or classically elegant, your choice of hair accessories should enhance and not distract from your style. In addition, your wedding hair pieces should coordinate with your style, dress and color palette. Select warmer-colored accessories like gold, rose gold and pearls for champagne and off-white wedding dresses. Or consider cooler-colored accessories like diamond or crystal hair jewelry if you’re wearing a stark white or silver toned look. Don’t be afraid to try several accessory options before deciding on one. If you’re not in love with a comb you’ve tried, exchange it with a headband. You may even decide to change your hairstyle, too. Just keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding hair pieces. The key is to be creative and choose accessories that reflect and enhance your unique style and personality.
December 01, 2021 — Hayley Scialdone