Envision the color, style and mood of your wedding dress and bridesmaid dress fabric with color swatches and fabric swatches. Explore our wedding fabric swatches guide.

Chiffon Fabric

As one of the lightest fabrics, chiffon is the ideal choice for a wedding dress that will look light and breezy as you walk down the aisle, whether inside an elegant ballroom or down an outdoor garden path. A perennial favorite for dresses to wear at weddings, chiffon is a sheer crepe that’s commonly used as an overlay in layers, or an accent detail due to its sheer, transparent style. Made from woven silk or rayon, chiffon’s light and airy structure makes it the perfect option for spring and summer weddings. The only downside to chiffon fabric is that its delicate nature can be quite fragile, easily snagging, pulling or fraying. But for a stunning look that will truly wow your guests, chiffon bridal fabrics are always a strong contender.

English Net Fabric

Lightweight, transparent and soft to touch, English net is a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses. Containing small holes, English net is not as stiff as other fabrics and is known for being exceptionally pliable. Thanks to its soft texture, English net drapes beautifully and is an ideal choice for bridal veiling. Luxurious and elegant, it’s also perfect for trim and accessories. If you’re seeking a fabric that floats, flows and drapes easily, English net is a top option for bridesmaid dresses online.

Satin Fabric

Another perennial favorite of brides, satin fabric offers a smooth, sexy and luxurious sheen that lends itself well to ball gown styles. It’s a durable fabric with a weight that’s suitable for any season, although there are thicker types of satin that are better suited for cooler months. Another reason for satin’s immense popularity is that it’s flattering for most body types. It also looks stunning in a wide range of colors. Whether you’re considering a lavender dress, lilac dress, mauve dress, plum dress, champagne dress, burgundy dress, or gold dress, satin always looks sensational. The only real downside to satin is the wrinkle factor. However, with all of its attributes, satin is still a traditional favorite.

Stretch Crepe Fabric

Featuring a matte surface and drape with a spandex composition that provides a stretch comfort fit, stretch crepe fabric offers a high-end appearance that looks and feels smooth, sensuous and supple. A bit heavier weight than other types of crepe fabrics, stretch crepe fabric maintains its appearance and does not wrinkle easily. It’s a romantic choice that works well with dresses requiring a soft silhouette and styles featuring a sweetheart neckline in addition to lace bridesmaid dresses. Due to its elasticity, stretch crepe drapes well and keeps cool in summer and warm in winter.

Complimentary Fabrics To Mix and Match

In addition to the fabrics listed above, there are several other popular fabric choices to create and complement your bridesmaid dress. These include:

Tulle Fabric

If you’re looking for a dressy, ethereal vibe for your wedding dress, tulle is the perfect choice. A light, netted material similar to mesh fabric, tulle is known for creating the illusion of volume while also being extremely lightweight. Designers use tulle to give a bridal dress and bridesmaid dresses an airy and frothy feel that looks magical without appearing bulky. It’s the wedding dress fabric that a princess would wear to a ball. Extremely versatile, tulle works well with most bridal dress silhouettes with its sheer, open weave look that can also incorporate lace designs. To envision how tulle will enhance the style and aesthetic of your wedding dress, order tulle fabric swatches and color swatches. For a dreamy, fantasy princess ball gown look, there’s no better choice than tulle fabric.

Twill Fabric

A type of weave in which the threads intertwine, twill fabric is often incorporated in silk and satin. Silk Mikado is an example of twill weave fabric that’s a wonderful choice, offering a luminous and voluminous look for a wedding dress. Less shiny than satin and less matte than crepe, Mikado wrinkles less than silk satin due to the twill’s slightly stiffer structure. Dupion is another popular silk twill that’s a bit heavier and stiffer than Mikado. For bridal dresses, wedding bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner dresses, and any women’s dresses for weddings, twill fabric offers an excellent option.

Boho Fabric

Bohemian, or Boho for short, is one of the hottest trends in both bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses – and there’s no sign of stopping. Harkening back to the free-spirited style of the 1960s and 1970s, Boho is actually an eclectic mix of luxurious fabrics and comfy, breezy styles offering a relaxed yet chic bridal look. Boho wedding dresses are commonly light and floaty with leaf or flower embroidery and delicate floral sleeves. For a magical and ethereal vibe that departs from traditional mainstream fashion, order a boho style fabric swatch and envision your journey back in time to the days of free-spirited and fun-loving fashion.
December 16, 2021 — Hayley Scialdone