Make a toast to your impeccable taste in wedding fashion. Explore the plum and champagne bridesmaid dresses trend today.

The Purple Dress

From shades of light lavender to deep and regal plum, bridesmaids look stunning in purple bridesmaid dresses. Whether a short or long purple dress, it’s the perfect color to make a statement and mix and match with an endless array of accessories. For companion jewelry with a purple wedding dress, go for something on the subtle side. Both gold and silver work great with purple, but keep colored stones to a minimum. It’s also best to stick with diamond alternatives for other neutral-colored stones. For shoes, consider a touch of glamour with something sparkly, like a diamante-encrusted sandal or svelte high heel in a dark color like black. Dark purple dresses look best with dark-hued shoes - avoid wearing shoes the same color as your purple dress. Instead, opt for something in a lighter or darker shade.
Bill Levkoff: Style 1600; Color: Plum, Victorian Lilac, and Violet.
Photo credit to Antiquity Photography

The Lavender Dress

One of the biggest color trends for bridesmaid dresses, especially in the spring and summer, is lavender. Not only is lavender soft, subtle and alluring, but it’s easy to pair with a palette of white, neutrals, pastel shades, or black. For accessories, go for a bit of contrast and a modern and bright wedding look. Have the florist create bouquets that will play off the lavender dress, and give your bridesmaids a coral clutch, bracelet or earrings that have purple, pink and orange facets for a look that’s as soft and bright as a spring day. Whether you’re looking for a long lavender dress that flows or short lavender bridesmaid dress, you’ll find a variety of dresses in lavender to flatter every body type in your bridal party.

The Lilac Dress

An ethereal and gentle color that’s perfect for outdoor garden weddings, lilac evokes a sense of quiet romanticism. Flattering and feminine, lilac is more popular than ever. A lilac dress looks gorgeous with any skin tone and pairs well with white, purple, pink, beige, black grey, and sea green. Going to a destination beach wedding? Lilac is the perfect color. Looking for something romantic and contemporary that’s a bit unconventional? Choose lilac. To make a statement with your shoes with a lilac bridesmaid dress, choose a shiny patent leather, perhaps with a heel. Black shoes also work well with a lilac dress. Just remember that lilac is a calm color, so don’t go too bold with footwear or accessories. A sliver watch and pretty silver earrings would add just the right touch.

The Mauve Dress

Mauve is another trending color for weddings. Mauve is romantic, looks great on everyone, and is also gorgeous with any complexion. Two fabrics that appear stunning on mauve are silk and satin, which enhance its soft and elegant aura. For accessories with a mauve bridesmaid dress, consider black jewelry and shoes. Another idea is to pair it with nude-colored jewelry in order to accentuate the pink-purple shade and help it pop just a bit more.

The Plum Dress

As one of the shades of purple, plum is known as a practical and noble color. With its densely saturated tone and slight mixture of red, a plum dress looks gorgeous on women with any skin tone and radiates a blend of grace and sophistication. A plum bridesmaid dress offers tremendous versatility and harmonizes beautifully in the summer or spring with blue-green or yellow-green. In the winter, it’s best to pick darker pairs so the pretty plum hue remains dominant. For jewelry, either gold or silver offer just the right touch of class. Whether your gal pals want something subtle or sexy, plum is the perfect choice.

The Gold Dress

From glamorous sequins to airy metallic tulle, you can't go wrong with gold bridesmaid dresses. Not only is it an extremely versatile shade that complements most skin tones, but gold is a classic color that works well with a wide variety of wedding styles and themes. Glimmering gold wedding dresses pair perfectly with dark purple, emerald green, rose pink, red, cream, and dark blue. When it comes to shoes, a gold dress can be complemented brilliantly with gold shoes. Just make sure the shoes don’t have the exact same tone. Instead, opt for something darker or lighter. For accessories, avoid more gold, as it will give you a gold overload. Consider white gold jewelry as an understated and elegant option. There’s a good reason why gold is synonymous with glamour and why many brides and bridesmaids today are choosing to go for the gold.
Bill Levkoff Styles: 7116, 7135, 7112, and 7113 Color: Gold Photographer:;IG: @wanderlynnphotography Bride: Emma Van Hefty Bride IG: @emmaelsewhere

The Champagne Dress

Make a toast to your impeccable taste with a champagne bridesmaid dress. An effervescent color, champagne wedding dresses offer an endlessly sophisticated look. It’s a classily subtle hue that coordinates perfectly and pairs well with nearly any décor and theme. Complement your champagne bridesmaid dress with shimmering pearl jewelry and classic pumps. Available in a stunning range of silhouettes, champagne dresses are ideal for personalizing your sense of style and making it simple to achieve all-around elegance on your wedding day.
October 21, 2021 — Hayley Scialdone