Don’t get rid of your beautiful bridesmaid dress or let it sit in the closet after the wedding. Keep it forever and give it new life as a gorgeous cocktail dress - or even consider dressing it down.


Cocktail Dresses

Re-wearing bridesmaid dresses and cocktail dresses for weddings is something most bridesmaids rarely consider. However, with a little creative thinking, keeping your bridesmaid dress forever is entirely possible. If you aren’t crazy about the look of your bridesmaid dress, but feel the basics are there, consider repurposing your dress by shortening the hem, reshaping the neckline, adding straps, removing extra material, and transforming it into something you’d be proud to wear to a cocktail party or even another wedding. Remember that you already spent considerable time and money on your , so before plunging ahead on a new dress, give serious thought to giving it new life.

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Evening Cocktail Dresses

Evening wedding guest dresses, maxi bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner dresses, and bridal party dresses can all be repurposed into gorgeous evening cocktail dresses. For example, a full-length bridesmaid gown can be turned into a stylish and chic maxi cocktail dress in the hands of the right tailor, who might even be able to change the color. Or, if you’re still seeing a bridesmaid in the mirror when wearing your dress, consider a remake with boxier lines and bolder angles. You might change to a belt instead of a sash or a blazer instead of a cardigan. There are also ways to dress down a bridesmaid gown – even an elegant bridesmaid dress – to make it more casual. Think about pairing the gown with a denim jacket, leaving only the skirt of the dress exposed. Again, having your dress altered by your local tailor can transform the dress entirely. Have the tailor take out the tulle fabric under the dress to create a more relaxed look – or shorten the dress for more formal occasions. Yet another idea is to consider layering up for winter wear, because light bridesmaid dresses look sensational with heavier capes and coats. No one will ever guess that your dress has been repurposed from your spring or summer stint as a bridesmaid. There are so many creative ways to re-wear and reuse a bridesmaid dress, so don’t be so quick to get rid of it – or let it sit. You could be one simple step away from transforming it into a stunning dress you’ll want to wear again and again.

December 09, 2021 — Maral Maselli